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Welcome to Goddess Graphics. I'm Megan, but most of you guys know me as surfsidebeach. This community has moderated membership, meaning if you try to join, I'll have to approve you. Mainly I'll just be posting pre-made graphics, but occasionally I'll take requests. Please keep in mind that just friending the community will not allow you to see the graphics. You must be a member. So join!

I'm a seventeen year old junior in high school. I've only been making graphics for a few months now, so you'll be watching me as I learn new things. I also love constructive criticism and suggestions so feel free to comment telling me what you like and don't like about my graphics, as well as how I can improve. I use PSP8 to make my graphics. I don't do animation as of now, simply because I'm trying to get the hang of making good graphics before I try anything else.

• you are in any icon/graphic stealing communities.
• you have no credit for your graphics.
• your journal is brand new with no entries.

• First and foremost, DO NOT contact me through AIM or at my personal journal unless we know eachother. It is very rude and I do not appreciate it. If you need anything, you may email me at surfsidebeach@livejournal.com.
• Comment with what you're taking. It helps me know what you guys like and what to make more of.
• Credit in your userpic comments for icons, and in your userinfo for other things. If I spend time making things for you, I deserve proper recognition. I would appreciate that you don't use hover credits simply because some browsers don't read them
• DO NOT DIRECT LINK ANYTHING. If you do and I find out, I'll ask you to fix it. If you don't, or if it happens again, you will be banned.
• Please do not modify or redistribute the graphics you find here. It's bad enough to edit my work, but it's twice as bad to redistribute it to others and pass it off as your own.

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Comment here or email me at surfsidebeach@livejournal.com if you want to be one!